Sul sito Spectrasonics sono disponibili 2 aggiornamenti per Omnispere: Omnisphere's Patch Library 1.02 e Omnisphere software 1.01d

Omnisphere Software v1.0.1d includes fixes for the following:

Auto chaos not working for non-looped envelopes.
Streaming preferences incorrectly initialized.
New Value Option text field doesn't disappear after entering text in AU hosts.
Part names get restored when loading a midi learn template.
Startup time affected by files in temp folder.
Error message when a subcategory folder needs to be selected for a save isn't clear enough.
Tuning scale menu check marks don't restore properly.
EZ-Phaser parameters don't have "EZ-Phaser" prefix in mod-matrix target menu.
Patches that use tuning files in nested folders are not sharable.
Keystroke handling in Logic interferes with key commands.

Omnisphere Patch Library v1.0.2:

Adds over 1000 enhanced Atmosphere patches.
Adds complete "Atmosphere Library" of patches.
Adds "Taste of Omnisphere" patch demo library.

(See Browser Directory menu to select different libraries)

It also installs the following:

Omnisphere Patch Library 1.0.2.
Fixes for broken patches.
Reference Guide 1.0a.
Latest default multi.
Updated notes.