Ancora novità dal NAMM:
Moog presenta il pedale-controller programmabile CV/MIDI a quattro canali con quattro uscite analogiche di controllo, MIDI In e Out e connessione USB (MIDI over USB)
Output Signals:

- LFO of user programmed RATE, AMOUNT and WAVEFORM (triangle, square, sawtooth, ramp and sample & hold)
- A random NOISE CV
- The footpedal voltage with user selected heel and toe voltages (including reverse action)
- Preset Voltage levels
- LFO signals are scalable and can be synced to MIDI clock, tap tempo, each other, or free-running.

There are five modes of operation:

Single Channel Mode, Quad Channel Mode, Preset Mode, Edit Mode, and Utilities Mode.

Single Channel Mode uses the footswitches to select programs, channels, turn on/off channels, select tap tempo function, enter tap tempo.

Quad Channel Mode turns channels 1-4 on/off with footswitches 1-4 and uses the footpedal as an expression pedal for channels 1 to 4 simultaneously.

Preset Mode defines the user programmable presets. A collection of 4 programmed channels is a preset and there are 100 editable presets.

Edit Mode programs the preset mode.

Utilities Mode accesses the utilities menu for non-preset related functions (SysEx Dump, Upgrade firmware, Factory Restore, Footpedal Calibration, etc…)

Multipedal Control Elements:

Optical “Gas Pedal” style foot controller

4 footswitches (momentary)

4 LEDs, 1 for each footswitch.16x2 character LCD (Gray Background, transflective, white LED


Rotary Encoder with push switch (VALUE, CURSOR)

2 Momentary switches near LCD / Encoder (EDIT, STORE)

Rear Panel Connections:

1- USB Port (MIDI over USB)

1 - MIDI In (DIN connector)

1 - MIDI Out (DIN connectors)

4 - CV (Control Voltage) Out _” connectors (selectable between -5V to 5V or 0V to 5V)

Power in (wall mount power supply included)